• Why I Joined Dave Ramsey

    elp_globalDave Ramsey was on vacation for the Christmas and New Year’s holiday, but his show aired a “best of” episode for the break. During that show, Dave Ramsey said “CPAs and EAs, I need your help”. He needed qualified and quality tax professionals to come out and fill in the gaps in cities covered by ELP. I answered the call.

    Not a stranger to Bible based money management, I had grown up listening to Larry Burkett’s radio show “How to Manage Your Money”. David Ramsey’s speaks to the same principles of debt free living and being intentional with money. My parents ran a small business, and at a young age I would help them with the bookkeeping, and the tax returns (you had to get forms from the post office back then). Before I was sixteen, I was helping neighbors and friends with their tax returns. Then came college and national exams, until in 2001 I began working in public tax practice. Licensed as a CPA in California in 2006 and starting my own firm in 2010, I still work to help people every day. My wife introduced me to Dave Ramsey soon after we were married and we were going through the same challenge of merging finances that I counsel my clients through. We decided to live debt free, and are working to achieve that goal, even paying cash as I complete law school.

    It is a privilege to be associated with Dave Ramsey and the Biblical principles of money management he communicates.

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